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17th Feb 2019 - 22th Jun(Night) 2019 - 13th Oct 2019 - 8th Dec 2019


Online Entries

Participants has to have an account to apply for the courses. You can find steps to register is written below
1-New user account
Click the “User Login | Register” on the right-up of page and choose the "New user".
2-User activation
After you fill the form you will received an activation e-mail. By clicking on activation code you can active your account.
3-Sign in website
Click on the “User Login | Register”, write your user name and password.
(Email - e-mail, Sifre – Password, Giris yap – Sign in)
4-Register to Race
After you logged in you will see your name inside the black bar is the right up of the page. Click on it and choose "My Registrations" . Courses will list at left of page. Choose the course you want to apply and your payment method then click on "OK". In this page you have to upload your health document.
When you apply and made your payment correctly, you will received an confirmation mail. Also your name will be listed at "Competitors Page" . If your name is not listed on "Competitors Page" although you did each step correctly, please connect with us.
Common mistake is to choose Nationality (Ulke) as “Turkiye” and imput passport ID. If Turkey is choosen, only TC ID can be entered.
Date of year chosen as 2014 so we can not categories at Age Categories
Choose your tshirt size correctly, your tshirt will be given according to your apply form.

Be volunteer to organize Geyik Kosulari !!!
If you can not run because of personal reasons, you can be a part of this great adventure by volunteering. Click here to be volunteer.
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Geyik Koşuları bir Macera Akademisi - Race Setter organizasyonudur.
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