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17th Feb 2019 - 22th Jun(Night) 2019 - 13th Oct 2019 - 8th Dec 2019

Race Regulations

1- The Geyik Koşuları / Deer Runs will start at the times announced for each course.

2- Bib numbers must be displayed and visible at all times.

3- Runners must follow the marked course. On race day, the course may vary from the one previously announced. All runners are responsible for passing the required number of control points and proving that they have done so. This applies also where race officials read the electronic chips.

4- The fastest runner on each course will win. Time calculated is net time (=Finish time – Chip Start time). Except, the men and women podium on each race/course will be determined as the first pasing the finish line. First 3 places (men and women) will be calculated with gun time as start time. The first three will receive a medal according to the age groups announced on the web site. Gift will be provided by our sponsors where possible.

5- All finishers will receive a medal or souvenir mug.

6- Penalties and disqualification measures will be applied by the organizers where necessary according to the Penalties & Disqualifying Conditions listed below.

7- All participants compete at their own risk and waive all legal responsibility by accepting the legal waiver.

8- Runners are free to wear GPS watches and data provided by the organisers. Only maps provided by the organisers are allowed. Listening music with headphones is allowed.

9- All participants are responsible for following the necessary traffic, property and safety rules on the course. It is forbidden to enter areas, passes or use methods disallowed by the organisers. Where participants do not follow this rule they accept all possible legal consequences thereof, waiving any legal responsibility for the organisers.

10- Participants MUST notify the organisers if they decide to leave the race at any time for any reason.

11- In general, rules and regulations of the Turkish Orienteering Federation apply.

12- The runners accept in advance Macera Akademisi Ltd have the right to send email and sms for email updates, future events of their own and publish results and photos public on the web. Also, no personal data will be transferred to any other company.

13- The organisers reserve all rights to photographic and other audio visual material recorded during the race.

14- It is not possible to participate with pets, wheel chair or baby carriage.


• The Geyik Koşuları / Deer Run races are mapped on courses suitable to trail (and mountain) race specifications, and include several steep and long ascends, muddy, slippery, rocky and wet passes. Prevailing weather conditions may contribute to making the course even more difficult.

• Participants must ensure that they have appropriate clothing, materials and are physically and mentally prepared for the difficulties posed by trail running.

• There may be vehicle traffic on certain sections of the race course. Participants are responsible for observing traffic rules and ensure safe passage.

• Bib numbers must at all times be visibly displayed.

• Geyik Koşuları is based on the values and idea of testing and expanding individual limits. For this reason any performance enchanging substance ( populary own as drugs or doping) is strictly prohobited. We believe drug usage has benefits for human body longer than the banned time. Any athlete previously banned of drugs (and ban period passed) can only participate in Iznik Ultra events, but can not compite. They need to declare this situation at registration. If nor declared and participated, the runner will be disqualified when organization is informed, if ranked with prizes, all will be taken back.

• Course should be followed by marks. It is competitors responsibility to follow the correct course.

• The organizing committee may deactivate the race at any time when it is determined that the rules of the competition, other competitors, organization officials, local people and the applicable laws, ethical rules, and other persons who do not abide by the ethical principles, may prevent them from starting, may cancel the race if they have finished the race, reserves the right to refuse registration and to cancel the registration if registered.

Disqualifying Conditions

• The Geyik Koşuları / Deer Run races are chip-timed. The chips are attached on the back of number bibs and will measure his/her time at various control points and the finish line. Runners who lose their bibs/chips will be disqualified.

• The organiser’s course marshals and health personnel may prevent a runner from continuing if they believe that he/she is not in a fit position to do so. Their decision is final and not open to objections.

• Violations of environmental and support regulations as well as failing to abide by the directions of race officials will result in penalty points (see below)

Environmental Protection

• All participants are strictly forbidden from leaving any litter on the course. All waste and litter must be deposited in rubbish bins provided at control stations and the start/finish area.

• Toilet paper must not be left behind.

• Limiteded refreshment drinks will be distributed on the course. All participants are encouraged to carry their own water, within personal carriers. Single use cup type packed water will be available on course and all litter should be left in the bins within 30m of the refreshment point. This is to ensure that least minimum waste is generated.

• Time penalties will be given to all violations of all environmental protection rules.

• Only digital certificates will be issued.

Support Team and Materials

• Support teams are not allowed at the Deer Run races.

• Drop bags and additional food, drink may not be deposited at aid stations.

Bag Storage and Dressing Cabins

• Participants may leave one bag with change of cloths in the “storage tent” at the start/finish area and may retrieve them against show of bib number.

• There will be dressing cabins for men and women at the start/finish area. Cabins are for collective use and no bags may be left there.

Control Points and Aid Stations on the Course

• Warm orange drink or slightly sweet tea will be provided at race finish.

• No food or drink will be provided on the 4K course.

• There will be 1 water stations on the 14K course. All water cups must be left at the station.

• There will be an aid station with food at the end of the first tour on the 28K course.

Electronic Chip Timing and Control

Electronic chip timing is used for Geyik Koşuları / Deer Run races. Chips are distributed together with bib numbers.

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