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17th Feb 2019 - 22th Jun(Night) 2019 - 13th Oct 2019 - 8th Dec 2019

The Geyik Cup 2019

The calculation of Geyik Cup is made among participants of 3 morning Geyik Trail Run events , who register with the same name-surname, the same TC id number or passport and the same e-mail address.

17th February 2019 I. Geyik Trail Run
13th October 2019 II. Geyik Trail Run
8th December 2019 III. Geyik Trail Run

Note: Geyik Koşuları by Night is not included in 'Geyik Cup'

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All races will provide points for the 28K, 14K and 4K trail courses. Points will be added up at the end of the year. Awards will be given to the top 3 men and women, respectively, in the 28k, 14k and 4k categories.

Final Race Points = Performance points + Ranking points + Continuity points

Performance Points

Performance points are calculated as a percentage of the best performance per race.

Performance Points = (Best time x max points) / your time.

Maximum points for each course are:

28K - 280 points
14K - 140 points
4K - 40 points


Ali finishes the 28K course in 2:45:32, ranking 9th. The best finishing time in the same race is 2:19:24. This course provides a maximum of 280 points. When all scores are converted into the nearest total minutes, Ali’s time is 166 while the first finisher’s time is 139. Ali’s performance points are then calculated as: (139 x 280) / 166 = 234 performance points, while the first finisher receives 280 performance points.

Ranking Points:

The first 15 men and women finishers will receive separate ranking points for each race and course.

1. - 40 points
2. - 35 points
3. - 30 points
4. - 28 points
5. - 26 points
6. - 24 points
7. - 22 points
8. - 20 points
9. - 18 points
10. - 16 points
11. - 14 points
12. - 12 points
13. - 10 points
14. - 8 points
15. - 6 points

Further to the example above, the first male finisher would receive 20 points and Ali, finishing 9th would receive 18 Ranking points.

Continuity Points

In order to encourage participation in all of the Geyik Koşuları, extra points will be awarded for continuous participation for the Deer Run races in a given year. Continuity points will be granted after the second and third race participation.

1 race (20 Jan) - 0 points
2 races (31 Mar) - 30 points
3 races (06 Oct) - 50 points

Assuming that Ali in the example above participated in both the January and March Deer Runs, his total score would be 234 + 18 + 30 = 275 Race points.
Assuming that the first finisher in the same race did not participate in the January race, his score would be: 280 + 40 + 0 = 320 points.

The Geyik Cup Total Results

The final results for the annual Geyik Cup will be calculated on the basis of the longest course ran by a particular runner during the year, i.e. if Ali ran the 28K course in the first race, the 14K course in the second race and the 4K course in the third race, his total point score will be listed in the Men 28K category.

Equal Scores

Where runners have achieved equal scores, the runner who achieved the most points in the final race will rank first in the final evaluation.

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