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17th Feb 2019 - 22th Jun(Night) 2019 - 13th Oct 2019 - 8th Dec 2019


We can NEVER have too many volunteers!

We can use volunteers at all of our events. Here are some of the things we may have you doing.

We are unable to put on great events with YOU, our volunteers.


What could I do as a volunteer?

• interview racers pre- and post- race
• registration set-up & post-race pack-up; finish line food
• greet/check in racers at registration
• blog about race stories & updates during live coverage
• check in/out racers at checkpoints on the race course(like village squares or some parking lots with no civil structure)
• help update race times on live leaderboard
• run shout outs from friends & family out to racers on the course
• cheer on racers firsthand!
• learn lots about ultra running and observe racer secrets
• have a lot of fun w/like-minded folks! - really!
• while car camping on the course or at sheltered headquarters
For more information contact us:

Be volunteer to organize Geyik Kosulari !!!
If you can not run because of personal reasons, you can be a part of this great adventure by volunteering. Click here to be volunteer.
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