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18th Feb - 30th Jun(Night) - 14th Oct - 9th Dec 2018

2018 Calendar

18th February 2018 I.adidas Geyik Koşuları
30th June 2018 adidas Geyik Koşuları by Night
14th October 2018 II.adidas Geyik Koşuları
9th December 2018 III.adidas Geyik Koşuları


February 18th, 2018 adidas Geyik Koşuları Race Programme
12th Oct 2018 11:00-21:00 Bib number distribution. Location will be declared.
13th Oct 2018 11:00-20:00 Bib number distribution. Location will be declared.
14th Feb 2018
08:30 Registration desk opens. Bib number and chip distribution
09:10 Start for 28K. Time limit is 270 minutes**.
10:30 Start for 14K. Time limit is 165 minutes**.
10:50 Start for 10-12 Ages Bambi Run.
10:55 Start for 7-9 Ages Bambi Run.
11:05 Start for 4-6 Ages Bambi Run.
11:30 Prize Giving Ceremony for Bambi Run.
12:00 Start for 4K. Time limit is 90 minutes**.
12:15 Registration desk closes.
13:15 Prize Giving Ceremony for 4K-14K-28K course winners.
13:30 Prize Giving Ceremony for 4K.
13:50 Prize Giving Ceremony for 14K.
14:10 Prize Giving Ceremony for 28K.
14:15 Race Time stops.

Bib numbers and tags will be distributed only to bib holder (showing ID)and a race waiver will be signed. If you want to someone else to pickup you bib, need to send your ID copy and a letter clearly stating who (name-surname-ID no) will pickup, plus a WET SIGNATURE. Thank you for your co-operation.

*Bib numbers will be distributed at:
adidas Store Zorlu Center: Beşiktaş, Levazım Mahallesi, Mağaza No: 146, Zorlu Center AVM, 34340 İstanbul, 0212 353 62 30
adidas Store Akasya AVM: Acıbadem Mah, Çeçen Sk Akasya AVM, 34660 Üsküdar/İstanbul,(0216) 325 03 72
Store locations on map.

**Runners who come after cut-off time will be disqualified and forfeit the right to get a prize.

Be volunteer to organize Geyik Kosulari !!!
If you can not run because of personal reasons, you can be a part of this great adventure by volunteering. Click here to be volunteer.
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