11 June Kit Distribution

11 June Kit Distribution

11 June Kit Distribution

You can get your kit on 2 separate days for The North Face Geyik Koşuları by Night on June 11:

Get ahead, relax on race day. Kanyon Shopping Center, The North Face store front;

10.06.2022 - Friday 11:00-20:00

11 June --> Belgrad Forest, before the race. Get to the area early. Think forest entrance alternative and distance queue.

11.06.2022 - Saturday 15:30-17:00 - Bambi Kit Distribution

11.06.2022 - Saturday 17:00-21:00 - 4K/8K/14K/28K Kit Distribution

Read the COVID-19 measures by clicking here. In accordance with the current administrative regulations, you must fill in the following documents and submit them with wet signature in order to receive your racing kit. If you prefer to print, fill and bring these documents on your home/business printer, you can download them from the links below:

A) If you want a relative to buy your kit, send the KIT REQUEST FORM and your ID photocopy as a paper copy.
B) Click to download the June 11 Risk Acceptance Form. Bring it as a signed paper copy.