Geyik Koşuları in Covid-19 times

Geyik Koşuları in Covid-19 times

Geyik Koşuları in Covid-19 times

Geyik Koşuları in the period of COVID-19

The beauty of nature, the peace of movement, the warmth of friendship, the positive energy of solidarity ... Geyik Koşuları have a special place in our lives. This longing will end on July 18!

As the Macera Akademisi organization team, our priority is, as always, to provide the best possible running experience by observing the health and safety of runners, officer-volunteer teams and other stakeholders. Turkey Athletics Federation to keep Covidien-19 risk at a minimum, ITRA network and special precautions trail races have developed in communication with organizers in Turkey is focusing on two issues: to avoid crowding and to minimise contact with objects.

Our goal is to experience the happiness of running and running, by acting consciously and attentively, paying attention to physical distance (let's stay socially) and personal hygiene. At this stage where we started to take control of the pandemic, personal precaution and responsible initiative are more important than ever in our lives.

On the 18th of July, to meet with friends and path-loving friends who feel healthy, in the same area, without forming crowds, with little contact with each other and belongings, with careful personal protection and cleaning,

Stay with Health and Sports,
Caner Odabaşoğlu
Geyik Koşuları Race Director

Note: As of the race date, the most recent T.C. Regulations of the Ministry of Health, T.C. Interior Ministry that Turkey's restrictions and can be changed upon the decision of the Athletics Federation important to the period of COVID-19

What Will Change in Geyik Koşuları  in Covid-19 Pandemic?

1. Studies in accordance with TAF's COVID-19 measures (document link to come ) will be carried out. These will be reflected in Geyik Koşuları as follows.

2. Registration and Pre-Race:
2.1. Geyik Koşuları registrations will only be taken from the internet, there will be no registration on race day.
2.2. During registration, each runner will be asked about his estimated speed for the course. The organizer will assign an exit time to each runner based on this statement (and historical results or the ITRA index if necessary).
2.3.  Each runner will pay attention to the people he / she has contacted for 14 days before the race. By coming to race venue, the participant declares he7she is not covid-19 positive or have no complaints such as fever, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, muscle joint pain, inability to smell.  

3. Kits and Kit Distribution
3.1. The organization will prepare the kits and other package contents at least 72 hours before the race and package them in the boxes.
3.2. The organization will establish a distance in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health in the field of kit distribution and minimize the runner-officer contact.
3.3 Kit distribution will be made on the basis of appointment based on the exit list. Each competitor will be asked to come to the venue within a 15-minute appointment. This information will be sent to the e-mail and mobile phone declared by the competitor, and can be announced on the internet within 12 hours after the registration is closed.
3.4. The entry of each competitor to the field is possible only by wearing a mask, personal portable disinfectant, ballpoint pen (it will not be necessary if a legal arrangement is made by the relevant federation and GSGM for the race waiver) and arrives at the time allocated.

4. Event Area, Race Day Services
4.1. Individuals with a contact environment in accordance with Article 2.3 and feeling healthy should come to the race area.
4.2. Everyone in the event area always wears a mask.
4.3. In the event area, common activities, warming and sports competitions will not be held in order to avoid crowded meetings.
4.4 Additional seating groups will not be brought and the use of existing picnic tables will be restricted. Those who have to wait for their runner are recommended to bring their own portable chairs and sit at a distance.
4.5. There will be no shuttle  organization for the Geyik Koşuları  18 July race.
4.6. There will be no changing tents on the Geyik Koşuları 18 July race area.

5. Start
5.1. Geyik Koşuları 18 July Race timing is calculated in NET time according to the start time  and the time to cross the finish line of each runner with disposable UHF chips mounted on the bib no.
5.2. The start order is made as an interval start, flowing with the exit times assigned to each runner. The exit corridor consists of 5 sections. Each competitor must come to the exit corridor entrance by wearing a mask 15 minutes before the appointed time. In this section, 5 minutes before the time assigned to him, he enters the -5 minutes field. In this area, maximum 15 runners wait at the marked places on the ground, get warm where they are. Then every minute, they walk to the next area by walking. In the last five seconds warning -1dk prepared by area and time starts to run out.

5.3. Latecomer to the start time, the start leader in the exit tunnel entrance introduces himself. The exit leader takes out the athlete at the most convenient free time, looking at the list he has. Delay penalty is applied so that the athlete's time starts not at the time of departure, but at the appointed time.
5.4. At the beginning of the course, he wears his mask, takes it out at 100 meters and stores it or throws the disposable mask in the recycle bin at 100 meters. Throwing a mask on the track is the reason for disqualification. (We recommend fabric mask and buff.)
5.5. Obeying the start order and timing is absolutely necessary for health safety.

6. On Course
6.1. On the course, the runners must run side by side, leaving the necessary distance with the back and forth, and the faster runners who come from behind must give way to responsible sportsmanship. Distance should be left considering the wind effect.
6.2. There are no water or other supply points on the 4K and 8K courses. Water replenishment will be available only in 7 km on the 14K course as glass of water. This water should be consumed within 20m and thrown into the relevant trash.
6.3. Each runner must carry water and food in accordance with the trail run, calculating the time he will stay on the track. With the running belt or bag, at least 400ml of water is recommended for the 8km course and at least 600ml for the 14km course.
6.4. Everyone who will take the start in the Night Runs must run with their own headlamp. The batteries of the lantern should be fresh. On July 18, the moon will be close to the new moon lunar phase, the forest will be pitch-dark.
6.5. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to run with headphones during the day and night runs of 18 July. Hear both the call from the approaching runner and the chirp of the birds.

7. Arrival (Finish)
7.1. The finish line will be renewed so that it does not merge with the exit.
7.2. The runner crossing the finish line should breathe quickly and wear the mask.
7.3. After the arrival line, the medal will be extended for runners to wear.
7.4. Renovated Geyik Sofrası will be offered within the scope of water and hygiene measures. There will be no waiting in the catering area.
7.5. At the exit of the catering, there will be a rare sitting area for the exhausted athletes to breathe. Those who do not comply with the physical distance rule in this area will be warned by the officer, and competitors who do not take into account the warning will be disqualified.
7.6. The award ceremony will be held only between those who are entitled to the rostrum and the organization. 15 minutes after the 3rd athlete crossing the arrival line in each gender, the ranking is checked again. The ceremony is held 20 minutes later. Interested athletes should follow this time. Other competitors and spectators are not invited, there will be no raffle-like activity. Streamed on the internet.

8. Runners
8.1. Each runner will pay attention to the people he / she has contacted for 14 days before the race. By coming to race venue, the participant declares he7she is not covid-19 positive or have no complaints such as fever, runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, muscle joint pain, inability to smell.
8.2. Each runner has a spare mask, personal portable disinfectant liquid / spray / gel. It carries them on it. Organisers recommend fabric masks or bandages for runners who take care of the health condition in 8.1, rather than disposable masks. We do not recommend using disposable plastic gloves by runners in the venue and on trails. WHO constantly indicates that these gloves increase contamination. We should clean our hands frequently.
8.3. Every runner should read the new rules, take the kit in accordance with the start time and enter the start tunnel.
8.4. Regardless of the degraded and uncategorized tracks of the Deer Runs, each trail runner acts as a responsible individual, taking care of the health of both his own and all other people in the area.

9. Organization Team
Covid-19 is informed to officials, referees, volunteers and all other personnel in the organization team. Some of the detailed measures are described here as well.

10. Final Word
We believe that by implementing the safety measures TOGETHER, we can achieve a safe race on Geyik Koşuları trails: Our common passion.