Geyik Koşuları Trail Running Festival

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10th December Geyik Kosulari

On December 10th, nearly 1000 deer and Bambi enjoyed the Istanbul Belgrad Forest with us during the Reindeer Runs. We thank you for running, getting muddy, and most importantly, having fun with us.

We've completed 2023, so get ready for the first Reindeer Runs of 2024!"

The last Geyik Koşuları of 2022, December 11 Completed!

The Geyik Koşuları race, which was the 4th in 2022 and the 34th in the overall total, was held on 11 December.

The perfect weather doubled the pleasure of the forest and running. The runners both had a lot of fun in the event area and produced good results on the course.

This is how the bambis run

Bambi Run is for children. Yes, trail running is for all! That's what we believe and what we make happen for ages 4-12.
Geyik Koşuları is a real family event. For more details on Bambi Runs please click here.



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Packet Distribution: Impact Hub Istanbul

Packet Distribution: Impact Hub Istanbul

It is possible pick up race packets before event day, in the city center.  So you'd have a relaxed race morning, no need to hurry and que. ( Kit pickup also possible at event venues, starting 8:0..

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